Many attorneys’ marketing strategies focus on generating a high volume of leads, but is that really the best way to grow a business? Chris Anderson and Karin Conroy think not! Karin shares her key steps for helping lawyers connect with the right clients: insight, intake, and discovery. They outline how to filter down leads to find the best matches for your firm, what to do when you progress from lead to client, and how to curate meaningful client relationships throughout the process.

Today’s episode is about marketing. What’s interesting I think about today’s guest is that we’re not going to talk so much about how to get more leads, while many lawyers think that it is a solution more leads, more money, more money good, there are and there are plenty, plenty of vendors who — that is the extent of their conversation with you, and it will sell more leads as the solution when it’s very often really just a way to exacerbate a problem that’s going on with the business.

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Podcast: Unbillable Hour – Insight, Intake, Discovery: Making Less Equal More